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Why You Need MultiCam Black Gear…Now

December 11, 2014

If you love Call of Duty or you’re in the military, chances are that you recognized the MultiCam camo patterns used in the game. In play and on the battlefield, MultiCam’s patterns are known for their quality and versatility. The fact that they outperform most other camo patterns is just icing on the cake.

The MultiCam division of Crye Precision specializes in making high quality fabrics, zipper pulls, hook and loop attachments, paint transfers, and other camo technology that keeps warriors safe on and off the battlefield, but the basis of their patterns is research. From MultiCam Black gear to MultiCam Alpine apparel, their patterns are adapted to all environments and lighting conditions.


Say Hello to MultiCam Black

In response to decreased government demand, Crye Precision chose to release MultiCam Black. The color choices were based on combat environments and lighting conditions, but work well together. This new pattern opened doors for Crye’s camouflage technology.

Voodoo Tactical Improved Matrix Pack Backpack Hydration 15-9032
Voodoo Tactical Matrix Backpack In Black MultiCam

Camouflage is often seen as strictly military for practical use, and is frequently repurposed by civilians for casual wear. Crye’s recently released the black MultiCam gear and apparel pattern. Unlike most other camo patterns, this design is made for domestic law enforcement agencies to use.

Top tier law enforcement teams often need to remain concealed at night, and the black MultiCam gear and apparel pattern allows them to do just that. During the day, the fabric provides an image of authority and strength that reinforces civilian confidence in the force, while making sure criminals recognize their captors as real warriors.

Voodoo Tactical Level III Backpack In Black MultiCam
Voodoo Tactical Level III Backpack In Black MultiCam

New Gear for New Camo

Voodoo Tactical was one of the first companies to recognize the significance of Crye Precision’s latest release. The company took quick notice of the versatility and durability of these fabrics and the new Multicam Black pattern. Since the arrival of MultiCam Black gear fabrics in late 2013, Voodoo Tactical launched a line of black MultiCam gear for civilian, law enforcement, and military use.

Voodoo Tactical Mini Matrix Backpack In Black MultiCam
Voodoo Tactical Mini Matrix Backpack In Black MultiCam

Voodoo Tactical’s wide range of black MultiCam gear includes everything from tough packs that help with hydration and carrying to briefcases made to carry computers, even in the thick of battle. For the military and specialized law enforcement groups, the company’s shotgun scabbard is a valuable asset. Airsoft enthusiasts, baseball fans, and anyone who gets tired of the sun or loves a good cap can now find a great baseball cap in the perfect dark camo pattern, while the jungle Boonie hat is a great pick for wilderness treks and hiking.

Voodoo Tactical Pro-Ops Briefcase In Black MultiCam
Voodoo Tactical Pro-Ops Briefcase In Black MultiCam

Being one of the first companies in line for MultiCam Black gave Voodoo Tactical the chance to perfect their offerings, ensure a line of products that blend well with your other tactical gear thanks to plenty of MOLLE, and adapt well to every scenario.

MultiCam Black could likely come to dominate law enforcement uniform specs, and we are likely see MultiCam accepted as mil-spec soon, too. Voodoo Tactical and Crye appear to be one step ahead of the curve this time.

A Brief (Recent) History Of Camo

From 2002-2004, the Army tested camouflage patterns with soldier safety in mind. The two front-runners were MultiCam and Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP). MultiCam looked like the sure winner, but eventually lost to UCP. Many units chose wanted MultiCam gear, however, and the organization appeared ready to switch to MultiCam ACUs after the UCP showed poor performance in use…but the talks repeatedly broke down over pricing. They went with Scorpion W2 fabrics, instead.

Black MultiCam Voodoo Tactical Hat
Black MultiCam Voodoo Tactical Hat

Designed at the Army’s Natick Labs, the Scorpion W2 pattern is very similar to MultiCam. Since its release, the pattern has been christened OCP, or Operational Camouflage Pattern. A similar pattern, called the OEFCP, or Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern, has been in use in Afghanistan since 2010. Both the OCP and the OEFCP arose as a result of disappointment with the UCP that rolled out in 2004-2005.

Despite the Army’s final decision to use the OCP pattern, the Army has accepted the use of MultiCam for rangers while in garrison, and may soon expand that decision to other soldiers. This ruling may be the result of the similarity between the OCP and MultiCam patterns.

What’s So Special About MultiCam Black Gear Fabrics?

Sure, MultiCam camo is famous for a few reasons, including its role in Call of Duty, Battlefield 3, and a few other video games. But fame doesn’t make a pattern better.

Quality does.

Crye Precision’s black MultiCam gear fabrics are among the toughest in the industry. Rigorously tested and carefully controlled for quality, the fabric selections for this pattern are limited. They’re also tough as nails. Nyco Ripstop is a military spec blend with 50% cotton, 50% nylon components. It’s the standard for the US Armed Forces.

Black MultiCam Shotgun Scabbard From Voodoo Tactical
Black MultiCam Shotgun Scabbard From Voodoo Tactical

A little tougher and with added water repellent coating on the front and back of the fabric, the only other fabric that you’ll find in MultiCam black is 500D Cordura. Abrasion-resistant, built for combat, and used by the USMC for their MTVs, 500D Cordura is a mid-weight fabric designed to perform under the toughest circumstances.

But why black?

As Guy Cramer of HyperStealth said back in 2004, “In Forest – Temperate areas where trees are predominant, multiple shading and shadows lend to black as a color that will blend the uniform as the eye interprets those areas as shadows or holes to break the silhouette of the object that we are trying to conceal.” In short, black helps hide you in the forest.

Black MultiCam Boonie Hat
Black MultiCam Boonie Hat

And MultiCam black isn’t all black. The fabric is a blend of greens, browns, and blacks. It blends easily and matches well with Army drab green, coyote brown, and black gear, and it’s an ideal camo for operations in deep woods or jungle settings.

In our book, all black wouldn’t work, but MultiCam black is an excellent camo pattern.

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