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Review: Tactical Nylon Watch Bands by Top Spec U.S.

March 13, 2010

A little history. I have a Seiko divers watch 6309-7049 that I purchased new almost 30 years ago that I am still wearing today. About a year ago I picked up a Tactical 22mm Nylon Watch Band two buckle strap to try out on my watch.  The first reason I was attracted to the strap was mainly for the security reasons.  I am not interested in loosing my watch and I was getting nervous every time I was in the water with the Seiko Z-22 band. The Z-22 had been replaced, but I knew that if one of those 30 year old fat spring bars let go, the watch was gone. The tactical nylon watch band is a one-piece design.  When you put the strap on your watch, it weaves down through the top spring bar, under the watch, and up through the bottom spring bar. Because of the one piece construction and the way the band is installed, if one spring bar lets go, your watch may flap, but at least it will stay on your wrist. The second reason for the tactical nylon watch band was for the comfort. Z-22 bands tend to be on the stiff side and even thought they have holes, they really do not breath. Because the tactical nylon watch bands are fabricated from military grade nylon strapping, they breath really well, dry fast, and make a medium to heavy watch wearable for longer periods of time.  If you find that your strap has absorbed a little to much sweat and is getting a little funky, I have used two methods to wash mine. To me the simplest method is to get an old tooth brush, wet the strap, and scrub both sides with a little dish washing detergent (I use Dawn because it really cuts any grease or body oil), rinse well, and lay flat to dry and it should be ready to install on your watch the next morning. The other option is simply place your tactical nylon watch band in the pocked of a pair of pants and run them through the laundry as you normally would.  Either way will yield a fresh, like new watch strap.

When we started Top Spec U.S. we knew our competitors straps and we also knew that the people who purchased these types of straps demand a certain level of quality. We set high standards when we sourced the manufacturer of our tactical nylon watch bands.  These straps are made for Top Spec U.S. to our specifications.  These tactical nylon watch bands may cost us a little more to manufacture, but we knew we could not sell anything that we do not deem worthy of our critical quality standards. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment below and if you have purchased a tactical nylon watch band from us, we would love to see it on your watch.

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