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Survival Gear By Personality Type - Top Spec U.S. Blog

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Survival Gear By Personality Type

November 4, 2013

What’s the perfect Bug Out Bag Load-out?  That depends on who you are. There are a few basics everyone needs, like water and food, but depending on your particular personality, there’s a bug out bag load-out tailored just for you.


The Conspirist

The Conspirist is prepared for a clandestine government military takeover, a coup d’etat, or a sudden outbreak of war in their backyard. Their most important resource is solid intel.  While they probably keep an eye on Big Brother with the HAM radio in their shed, they need to remain informed while mobile.  For them, a small handheld police radio is their most vital piece of equipment. A solid arsenal is also important when it comes to defending against unruly mobs, and small government patrols during the aftermath.  An AR-15 and a couple of pistols will get the job done. The Conspirist also needs a discreet tactical knife, just in case “meetings” with government officials aren’t too “friendly”. The Conspirist needs a full size weapons case, so their bug out bag should be small and nimble.  With two bags and heavy weaponry, it’s probably best to find a secure location, hunker down, and wait it out.

  • Weapons: AR-15, Pistol, Medford NAV-T Knife
  • Additional Gear: Police Radio, Binoculars
  • Preferred Bug Out Bag: Voodoo Tactical 42” Deluxe Weapons Case and 3-Day Assault Pack

The MacGyver

This warrior grew up watching MacGyver and surviving numerous family camping trips. They’re the type of person who can do a lot with a little.  The only tools they need are a Leatherman, and a creative spark (and an actual spark if they’re trying to make an impromptu flame-thrower.)

It’s all about brains over brawn, especially when it comes to making a last resort weapon in a pinch. Remember the episode when MacGyver turned a bedspring into a giant slingshot?  The more crazy resources on hand, the better. The MacGyver rocks the Full Size Mojo, which can hold just about anything, including a giant bedspring.

  • Weapons: Paper clips, used wire, stapler, anything really
  • Additional Gear: Leatherman
  • Preferred Bug Out Bag: Voodoo Tactical Full Size Mojo

The Zombie Hunter

Despite everyone saying a Zombie Apocalypse could never actually happen, The Zombie Hunter knows better.  When that day comes, they’ll be the one ready to defend mankind while all those other poor souls eat their words, just before the zombies eat their brains.  What better way to be equipped than with reliable zombie hunting tools like a trusty axe and hunting crossbow? There’s little time reload when the zombie horde makes its way into town, and The Zombie Hunter doesn’t want to draw attention with a loud firearm, so they’ll definitely have a solid back-up knife within arms reach.  Any good zombie hunter will have a base of operations where supplies are kept, so they just need a simple day bag, like The Matrix Assault Pack, for hydration, first aid, and a little post-zombie-hunting lunch.

  • Weapons: Axe, Crossbow, Medford USMC EOD-1 Knife 
  • Additional Gear: First Aid Kit, Water, Zombie Defense Solutions 3-Day Survival Kit
  • Preferred Bug Out Bag: Voodoo Tactical Matrix Assault Pack

The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf knows that two survivors paired up is one too many.  They prefer to go alone and to stay off the grid at all times.  They believe in two things: self-reliance, and their .50 cal sniper rifle.  The Lone Wolf doesn’t need fancy gadgets and gizmos, just their rifle.  They don’t need ready made meals, just the bounty of the land.  The Lone Wolf only carries one bag, a 51” Drag Bag, because anything more is overkill.  You don’t think it’s enough?  Don’t worry, The Lone Wolf will survive just fine.  You don’t need to be concerned with how.

  • Weapons: .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle
  • Addition Gear: Medford Field Master Tanto Knife
  • Preferred Bug Out Bag: Voodoo Tactical 51” Drag Bag

What Personality Type Are You?

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