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Truglo Red Dot Review and Giveaway

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Truglo Red Dot Review and Giveaway

March 17, 2015


Shooting over a long distance? You need a sight scope you can trust, with minimal parallax error, a visible dot, and reliable performance regardless of the weather. The TruGlo 30mm Red Dot scope is, as Ron describes in the following video, built for use on multiple mounting systems, intuitive, and dependable.

A Quick Review of TruGlo’s 30mm Red Dot Scope

First used in the 1850s, rifle scopes are a go-to tool for serious hunters and shooters. A standard iron sight can’t compete when you’re talking about a distance of hundreds of yards, if not more. One of the most popular 30mm red dot sights is the TruGlo TG8230RB / TG8230RBN. This TruGlo 30mm red dot scope is designed for use in poor weather, including rainy conditions. It’s built tough, shock-resistant, and with a secure mount that’s perfect for use with Picatinny rails and Weaver mounting systems.

As Ron mentioned, TruGlo includes a lifetime guarantee for this red dot scope, along with two Allen wrenches for making adjustments to the mounting rings and bolts. The company also includes a note that tells you what torque to set the scope to – in this case, 20 inch pounds.

Removable flip-up lens covers and capped wind and elevation adjustment caps work together to keep contaminants out of your controls and your line of sight. Getting the perfect sight on your target is easy with the three reticle color selectors with three brightness settings for each on this scope.  Choosing the right color and brightness easy for every scenario can be done with a simple and quick turn of the knob.

Extra bonus: TruGlo pre-sights their scopes in the factory, so that when you mount yours, you should only have to tweak it a little. You can expect it to be relatively parallax free at 50 yards, with some minor adjustments needed for shorter or longer distances.

How To Mount A TruGlo Rifle Scope


60 responses to “Truglo Red Dot Review and Giveaway”

  1. This looks like a great optic from TruGlo. I am definitely looking for some to mount on the AR and this scope fits the bill! Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Interesting sight. I’ve used their iron sights for pistols before but never have I used the red dot.

  3. This looks like an excellent option for optics. I’d enjoy the chance to use one of these and improve my shooting.

    • Tyler, Thank you foryour comment. It is tough to compare this sight to a Sparc II. The two are not really apples to apples in style but they have similar quality. The TruGlo products have exceptional value for the money. You can get a nice scope or red dot site for less than $100.00 that is suitable for real steel. Vortex makes a great product, but you are going to be in the $200.00 range. Next, in our opinion would come the Aimpoint products. They all offer exceptional products and value for your money. It really just depends on the budget you have for an optic. We hope this helps.

  4. I just bought a RAS AK47 and I would like to mount a scope. I think this might work well. Thanks for running the giveaways. It’s greatly appreciated!

    • Thanks Al! Glad you appreciate it. We’re happy to do them because it gives us a chance to connect with our customers and fans.

  5. Oh I have someone in mind who would LOVE this! I wouldn’t be surprised if he calls you when I send him this link ; )

  6. Looks like a promising sweet piece of equipment. I believe based on what I have seen that this 30MM will be a great tool for anyone to have, especially me.

  7. This would be a great compliment to anyone’s kit. I hope it ends up in mine. So good luck to all.

  8. Stag piston driven ar15. Awesome system and easy co keep clean. Have an eotech now but always wanting to try different things

  9. TrueGlo puts out a great product it started 15 years ago with there fiber optic front bead sight for my shotgun shooting skeet.

  10. Truglo makes awesome products! This is made from real steel which will keep it in good shape after repeated AR clips. Don’t buy junk, this is the real deal!

  11. What a review!! You wrote just awesome. I found lots of helpful information to your article.
    Thank you so much for the detailed review about truglo red dot.

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