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Wavian Jerry Can Review and Giveaway

February 4, 2015


Liquid storage is an important aspect of emergency prep. Your fuel and water is safely stowed away with a NATO Wavian jerry can. These cans can be stacked and easily transported without worry of spill or contamination.

These Jerry Cans are EPA CARB Compliant

A Brief History Of Jerry Cans

Jerry cans were engineered in the 1930s in Germany for easy, durable transportation of fuel. Made from pressed steel, these robust containers were designed for longevity and could infallibly double as a weapon, especially when full of its 20 litres or 5.3 gallons capacity. Weighing in at 9.46 pounds, the metal canister is superior to cheaper ranges of plastic gas containers or tanks, and you don’t have to worry about BPAs leaching into fuel or other consumable liquid supplies.

Wavian jerry cans are NATO specific cans authorized for use by members of the United Nations. A quick bonus to this, besides longevity and durability, is the fact that they will neatly cozy up into any military style jerry can holders found in military vehicles.

With an authentic, Wavian jerry can in hand, you can be sure you’re using a product that is manufactured to the highest standards and military specs. Little has changed from its flawless design since its conception. Likewise, high quality jerry cans are completely painted both interiorly and exteriorly and are fitted with splash-proof pouring, rust-resistant paint, leak proof capabilities and double man handles for carrying.


The anatomy of a NATO jerry can.

Photo Source: Tim Miner

73 responses to “Wavian Jerry Can Review and Giveaway”

  1. As of the present moment Im thinking i would use it for fuel. But if i research more about it, i might fill it up with other stuff. Kinda iffy about storing consumable liquids in this container.

  2. Be taking that on those extended off road trips Also be VERY nice to have some extra fuel around the house when it’s time to git !

  3. I live in an apartment for now, so storage in my home is not an option. I would love to keep one of these in the car!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway! Fuel and ammunition are the two things I always look to pick up. I’m always looking for safe storage options for them both.

  5. I’m always one to be prepared. This is a great way to stay prepared. Ratchet it into the bed of my truck and I got enough fuel to make it to the next gas station, just in case. Plus sometimes you don’t want to go get gas for the lawn mower, here ya go.

  6. This is sweet, I have zero fuel storage so would definitely help there ha.
    Also, I kinda want one just for the history of it alone 😉

  7. Have transported plastic gas “cans” in cars and worried about released fumes as well as leakage. During warm/hot months I have smelled gasoline vapors permeating through stored plastic “cans”.
    Have found the Wavian “Jerry” cans more robust than the cheaper metal and plastic “Jerry” cans which may have leaky caps and often splash and leak when pouring. Though more expensive than the others, Wavian cans provide peace of mind. Wish I had known about them sooner.

  8. I bought two of these, they are much better than the blitz can and the plastic gas cans I used previously.
    Thanks for having these for a great price TopSpec!

  9. Would be great to have when I go camping, all those cheap plastic containers I’ve used over the years keep failing on me after a while, sometimes when I need them the most!

  10. I got one of the 5 gallon Red Wavian Jerry Cans from Top Spec. about 4 to 5 months ago. I had several old US Style Jerry Cans but they were a pain to pour from without a USGI spout. I had an old French Jerry can (German style) from the 1950’s and had used it a lot and always liked it to fill up my tractor and my old Jeep.. I saw the reviews on the Wavian Jerry cans and took a chance and bought it. Was tempted to buy a knock-off (fake) Jerry Can at a local Army Surplus Store for about $20 less than Top Spec. I am glad I got mine from Top Spec. This (Fake ) was thin walled, had and exposed raised seams and was spot welded. The new Wavian Can I have to say is on par with my 1950 French Military Jerry Can, maybe even better. Wavian Cans are built “Old School Tough”. You will be hard pressed to ever wear one of these cans out. They will not leak!!! Great to taking 4 wheeling, easy to pour from too and will empty its contents quickly. The 5 gallon can may be to heavy for older folks or those with lifting issues, so I say go with the 2.5 gallon can. I have one of those 2.5 gallon cans too and it’s made just as strong. I cannot stress how strong and well made these cans are. It is top quality. Don’t fool with those Chi Com cans, you will pay more in the end when it splits and you lose all your fuel.

  11. It would be a great addition to extend the range of my SUV after the SHTF! For those of you using varnish-supplying ethanol-add MARINE STABIL (the blue liquid) to keep fresh gas usable without gumming up your injectors.

  12. I’ve started looking into long term gas storage and found that the Jerry Can is probably the best way to go, with the only other option being a plastic container which in most cases cost similiar to the Jerry. This would definately be a nice start to my fuel storage needs.

  13. Hi! I would like one of these to give to a good friend of mine, it would be a great addition to his rock crawling Jeep!

  14. As a retired Army Officer I can attest that if the specs are the real deal, you will have this can forever. Used these in desert conditions and sub-freezing Arctic cold. They’ll withstand anything, except perhaps an IED!

  15. Bought 4 5gal cans and 2 1 gal cans for chain saw and weed eater. Best cans I have found!! Fit under the bed cover if my tundra…and I love sticking to the CARB CZARS!!!!

  16. I was born in 1939, two years after the Jerry can was invented. Allied soldiers had given the Nazi soldiers the nickname – Jerries.
    Soon, the Jerry can was used in both the German and Allied armies. It was a genuine
    WWII treasure.

  17. I am developing a country property and desperately need a bunch of these for my equipment and for fuel storage. These are much sturdier and safer than the cheap plastic ones they sell at the big box stores. Being alone a lot with tractor, chainsaws, truck, generators and having to fetch fuel for everything these would certainly make me feel more comfortable in transit.

  18. If you are looking for the best way in the world to transport, gas, keroseen, waste oil, the Wavian 5 gallon Jerry Can is the way to do it. I just got my 1948 Willys jeep fixed and these jerry cans are the best way to carry along extra fuel while jeeping in the woods. Remember “Rat Patrol” and all those jerry cans strapped to the Jeeps. The Wavian Jerry cans are the best sealed leak proof fuel cans you can find on planet earth. Regular plastic cans have a shelf life even when stored in the dark, they may give you 10-12 years of service tops if used on a reular basis. And who has $100-$125 to buy one of those new plastic USGI fuel cans. The half wore out ones at the army/navy stores are close to 50 buck if you could even find one. You will be using these jerry cans 25 years from now or longer. I like the fact that I can take these cans to the gas station, fill them up, lay them down in my trunk, drive home, not a drop leaked or spilled. Old plastic cans will leak on you more often than not, sloshing gas down the side of the can or lose (heaven forbid) the cap, good luck finding a replacement cap. The container companies have changed the threads on the caps, nothing interchanges anymore. No caps to loose on the Wavian cans. Buy quality the first time, saves you money in the end.

  19. The fact of the matter is that after all is said and done… I have been able to find “nothing” better… period. If I could I would purchase it, but this is the best out there.


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